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USB LED Light Strips Brief Guide

Hi there! LED strips are becoming one of the most welcoming and popular in various decoration places because of its high quality LED chips, high energy efficiency and cheap prices. There are different types circulating in the market, like with remote, RGB color, with battery etc.

When your living space needs light strips to decorate or fill up, the one with plug would be a good choice because all you need just sockets to light up. However, sometimes places near the computer, tv, kitchen cabinet etc. are already many electrical appliances using them. At this time, LED strips with USB will help you solve this little trouble. Why? Let’s take a look at what it is.

USB LED Light Strip Features

1 It can be cut and extended connection, when cutting light strip, please note that the copper point between the given cutting line directly cut

2 Bulbs and channels are completely wrapped in flexible plastic, good insulation and waterproof performance, safe to use

3 High flexibility, strips can be curled at will

4 Not easy to break, long service life, generally light strips can be used for 80,000-100,000 hours

5 Easy to create a variety of graphics, text, and other shapes, in the garden, restaurant, furniture, etc. can be used

6 LED with different light colors, can build different atmosphere effect

USB LED Light Strip Types

1 Flexible USB Powered LED Light Strip

Thickness of flexible light strip is generally only 0.1cm and can be bent at will, requiring less storage space. FPC is used as its circuit board material, a PCB (driver circuit, also called printed circuit board) is made of flexible material that can be folded and bent, and LED bulbs are encapsulated on circuit board surface.
Because of lighter PCB and reflective layer material, less epoxy resin is needed to fill these led strip lights with USB connection, which is highly resistant to vibration and meets photoelectricity and size requirements for various applications.
More popular specifications on the market are 30cm long (18 LEDs, 24 LEDs) and 50cm long (15 LEDs, 24 LEDs, 30 LEDs), etc. Lengths of 60cm or even longer are also available, if you want to decorate spaces like bars or restaurants etc., requiring a large amount, LED light strip manufacturers are even able to provide specific custom services as your wish.

2 Hard LED Strip Lights with USB Connection

Hard light strip’s circuit board material is PCB hardboard, the same with LED bulbs for SMD encapsulation processing, now also useful in the way of direct LED assembly, specific needs to choose the appropriate components according to demand. Although it is easy to fix and process, but because these LED strip lights can not be bent at will, irregularities are not suitable for installation. Hard LED strip lights are available in a variety of sizes, 18, 24, 30, 40 LEDs, etc.

SMD Super Bright USB LED Light Strip

Installation for different occasions

Indoor installation:
Indoor environment is more stable, will not be affected by weather conditions, installation is relatively simple.
1 First, in length measurement of installation location, pasting 3M double-sided tape behind USB LED strip, tearing off sticker surface, pressing the flat it flat just with your hands.
2 Then, encountering the need to turn corner or light strip is too long, cut every 3 LEDs, because LED strip is composed of 3 LEDs in series and parallel, finally USB plug into the device.

Outdoor installation:
Outdoor installation is affected more by weather factors. If the USB light strip is fixed with 3M, it will cause light strip to fall off for a long time because of the decrease in viscosity.
An effective solution is slot fixing, cutting and connection are the same as indoor installation.

led light strip installation

Different equipment installation

USB LED Light Strip for TV
1 Ensure that surface of the location where the USB light strip is installed is dry and free of dust, and that it cannot block TV ventilation holes.
2 LED lights are small, light, and bright enough to illuminate the space with minimum power. In order to reduce its light impact on luminosity and TV screen color, utilizing RGB LED strips are recommended because they can be light modulated and color changed with remote to adapt to surrounding brightness.
3 Best place to install it on TV back or other locations around the TV, such as TV sides, on the floor, so that wall and ceiling behind TV can project light in all directions. If you want USB light strip to be fixed for a long time without falling off, trying the foam tape with stronger adhesion would be the best choice.

USB LED Light Strip for Car

If choosing to install in your car, the light strip can be fixed around dashboard facing instrument panel position front and rear, the terminal will be inserted into the front configuration of USB power plug, so that it will not affect driving sight at night.
1 It is best to use a high-quality adhesive for installation, to reduce strip belt off caused by decreased plating adhesion to affect driving situation. If you do not want to damage seat leather, HOOK&LOOP is a good choice. Making the rear car also has a sense of atmosphere, USB light strips can be installed under the front or rear edge of the front seat.
2 USB light strip is suitable for a short period of time, if it is a long-distance driving, wire wiring method will be more power-saving and protect LED bulbs.
Caution: If you have the thought to install LED strip lights in your car, the most important thing is to find out whether law in your area allows this installation or what level of interior lights or light strips are allowed, otherwise you will be fined!

USB LED Light Strip for Laptop

Every Laptop has a USB interface, choosing LED light strip size for installation according to your different needs.
1 Light strip can be used as a reading light, selecting a warm white strip, bending, and fixing into desired shape. And looking for a cell phone charger to plug on socket or plug directly into computer interface.
2 Not all computer keyboards are designed with their own lighting, you can use RGB light strip fixed above the laptop or monitor to illuminate whole keyboard area, RGB can automatically dim and adjust the tinge. Same with reading needs, warm white or natural white will be the most appropriate choice, so as not to damage eyesight.
3 Each computer has different heat dissipation, for example, MacBook itself does not have a heat dissipation system, and a long time to plug light strip in USB slot will lead to high computer temperature and increase wearing down. Use plug with USB socket, separating LED light strip and laptop, so as to enjoy light sensation brought by LED lights, but also not afraid to reduce working life.

Here are the basic information for USB LED light strips. If you just want to try it, take words above to choose your right one.

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